Best Shooting Guards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Shooting Guards are often disrespected in MyTeam, given less focus despite their massive impact on each game. Here is our list of the best shooting guards in NBA 2K22:

  1. Dark Matter, Invincible Tracy McGrady: T-Mac’s best card this year is juiced. He has most badges on HOF, his top-notch jumpshot, and even the necessary dribble moves to handle the ball.
  2. Dark Matter, Invincible Kobe Bryant: Kobe has similar badges to T-Mac, but he’s just a bit shorter. His jumpshot is money, and he has great dribble moves as well, so he’s still a top-tier 2 guard right now.
  3. Dark Matter, Invincible Scottie Pippen: One of the best defenders in the game. Although his offense game is mostly spot-up duty, his defense makes up for everything else.
  4. Dark Matter Giannis Antetokounmpo: Giannis at the 2 is interesting, but he has the stats and badges to top this list. He’s a lockdown defender no opposing PG’s and great on offense, too.
  5. Dark Matter Joe Johnson: He’s got the quickest jumper on this list, and although he might not be an Invincible card, he can line up with them and handle himself just fine.

The Best Budget Shooting Guards

Sub-25K MT: Diamond James Harden. Harden may seem a bit outdated for some people, but he’s still one of the best combinations of a top tier shooter, playmaker, and defender at this price range.

Sub-10K MT: Diamond Victor Oladipo. He’s a great shooter, defender, and dunker for just under that 10K MT mark, and has a crazy wingspan for a player his size. Must cop for budget teams.

Sub-2K MT: Amethyst Danny Green. You don’t even need to spend MT on him because he’s a token reward. Just 15 tokens gets you an affordable 3-and-D wing.


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  2. Where would you have Iverson on the list. Is he just too small to be better than the others?

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