Best Shooting Guards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Shooting Guards are often disrespected in MyTeam, given less focus despite their massive impact on each game. Here is our list of the best shooting guards in NBA 2K23:

  1. Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan: Of course he’s expensive, but MJ is going to be the best shooting guard in the game. He’s a decent shooter, but his real skills are shutting down point guards and dunking on them.
  2. Galaxy Opal JR Smith: A top tier shooter and slasher, JR is going to be one of the those cards that sneakily cooks you. He might even be cheaper than some of the other cards on this list, too.
  3. Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant: Kobe’s another great defender and slasher, but he’ll carry a slightly lower price tag than Jordan. Still an amazing card.
  4. Pink Diamond Dwayne Wade: He’s a bit shorter, but Wade’s calling card is his great jumpshot and defense. He’ll be much cheaper than the above options while still being a top card in the game.
  5. Pink Diamond Andre Igoudala: He’s really only a spot-up shooter on offense, but 94+ in every defensive spot is going to be enough to get Igoudala on the court. He’ll lock up most opposing point guards.


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  1. I love this website do you think you can update a lot and keep up to date thanks

  2. Where would you have Iverson on the list. Is he just too small to be better than the others?

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