Shooting Guards are often disrespected in MyTeam, given less focus despite their massive impact on each game. Here is our list of the best shooting guards in NBA 2K22:

  1. Diamond Kobe Bryant: Our first Kobe card of 2K22 that simply dominates every shooting guard at this stage. Good shooting, defending, slashing, and even has Silver Quick First Step. Expensive, but simply the best.
  2. Pink Diamond Michael Jordan: A top defender and finisher who can knock down open 3-pointers as well. Will need some playmaking badges as well, but can be a competent ball handler as well.
  3. Diamond Ron Boone: A tough card to get (TT Offline Vault), but an awesome card when you do. Tons of Gold badges (including Quick First Step, Clamps, and Fearless Finisher) and good attributes, but a bit undersized.
  4. Diamond Jaylen Brown: A great 3-and-D card that is also a top-notch slasher. He has a good, albeit a bit slow, jumpshot, but Brown is a great option for the two spot.
  5. Diamond Dwyane Wade: An expensive card, but one that comes with a quick jumpshot and awesome badges in the finishing, playmaking, and defensive categories.

The Best Budget Shooting Guards

  1. Ruby Lu Dort: A defensive beast that is also a good spot-up shooter. Fairly cheap, but also completely worth the sub-10K price tag.
  2. Ruby Gary Harris: A good shooter and a decent defender. Best of all, he’s cheap and has a jumpshot that is easy to time.
  3. Ruby Terrence Ross: Pushing the budget spectrum, but still a good card for the price. A good slasher and shooter that is sneaky good at creating his own shot as well.

The Best Cards at Other Positions: