MyTeam has certainly been interesting this year, with a focus on shorter Point Guards and a slow power creep.

Given this, here is our list of the best PGs in MyTeam in NBA 2K21, broken down into categories based on how you and other players play.

  1. Dark Matter Ben Simmons (Best Overall, Best Defensive, Best Slasher)
  2. Dark Matter Grant Hill
  3. Dark Matter Kobe Bryant
  4. Galaxy Opal Luka Doncic (Best 3pt Hunter)
  5. Galaxy Opal Penny Hardaway
  6. Dark Matter Stephen Curry
  7. Dark Matter Russell Westbrook
  8. Galaxy Opal Chris Webber
  9. Galaxy Opal Juan Carlos Navarro
  10. Galaxy Opal Deron Williams

The Best Budget Point Guards

  1. Diamond Kurt Hinrich
  2. Diamond Tyrese Haliburton
  3. Diamond Justice Winslow
  4. Amethyst Joakim Noah
  5. Amethyst Dennis Smith Jr.