MyTeam has certainly been interesting this year, with a focus on shorter Point Guards and a slow power creep.

Given this, here is our list of the best PGs in MyTeam in NBA 2K21, broken down into categories based on how you and other players play.

  • The Best Point Guard in MyTeam: PD Steph Curry. The Best Shooter in the game, good playmaking ability, and can dunk and defend at a high level. Crazy animations, too, but locked behind a ridiculous (and expired) grind.
  • The best PG not named Curry: Diamond Deron Williams. Put Range Extender on him and he’s dominate on both ends of the floor. Even without it he’s crazy, can shoot, dribble, and defend (with a 6’10” Wingspan).
  • The best 3-Hunting Point Guards: Gilbert Arenas Range Extender, Clamps, and good playmaking badges make Arenas a top-tier point guard for draining trey-balls.
  • Best Budget PG: Amy Sleepy Floyd. Balanced PG with good animations and a lower price. You can also add some decent badges to him, too.
  • Best Super Cheap Point Guard: Ruby Doc Rivers if you need a playmaker or Ruby Patty Mills for a cheap 3-Hunter.
  • The Oversized PG: Diamond Magic Johnson. Top Tier sigs, but weak badges and expensive. But he’s 6’9″ and has crazy playmaking badges (but not Quick First Step).
  • For Token Grinders: PD Jojo White. A token reward, White has Gold Range Extender, great sigs, and does everything at a high level besides dunk.
  • For beating the Computer in Domination or Triple Threat: Diamond John Stockton. Can dunk, shoot, defend, and blow-by defenders with ease. Budget option: Ruby Doc Rivers. He helped me get through most of Dom without spending a ton of MT.
  • Best Rim Runner: PD John Wall. Insane dunking, HOF Quick First Step, and decent at everything else. Budget version: Sapphire Dennis Smith Jr. Basically a good dunker and that’s it.
  • Best Lockdown: Don’t waste your point guards’ energy on defending the opposing PG. Let you shooting guard do that, check out our list for that.