Best Point Guards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

MyTeam has certainly been interesting this year, with a focus on shorter Point Guards and a slow power creep. Given this, here are the best point guards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam:

  1. Dark Matter Luka Doncic: Although his dribbling animations leave much to be desired, Doncic is going to be a top-tier shooter, playmaker, and defender at the point guard position.
  2. Galaxy Opal Cade Cunningham: Cunningham has the dribbling sigs, the jumpshot, and the stats and badges to be a top-tier PG in the game. He’s also 6’8″, so he’s taller than most other 1’s you’ll play.
  3. Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan: MJ at point guard is a menace on both ends. He has all the badges you need, good dribbling animations, and a good jumper on Very Quick timing.
  4. Galaxy Opal Dwyane Wade: Wade, of course, has his quick shooting base with tons of shooting badges. But he’s also an excellent finisher, dribbler, and defender, with the only downside being his 6’4″ height.
  5. Dark Matter Stephen Curry: One of the best shooting PG’s in the game gets some great playmaking and defensive badges as well. Although he’s short, Curry will be lights out from beyond the arc.

The Best Budget Point Guards

Budget cards are typically more affordable cards that give you similar performance to the more expensive cards. Our top budget point guards are broken into different categories depending on your budget.

Sub-25K MT: Pink Diamond Jeremy Lin. A glitched card that can dribble, shoot, and defend at a high level. Although he’s not a great dunker, the value he gives you at this price is incredible.

Sub-10K MT: Diamond Bob Sura. Clocking it at around 5K MT, Sura is a cheap point guard that has the height, attributes, and badges to match cards much more expensive than him.

Sub-2K MT: Collison is cheap, but he certainly is a testament to the saying “you get what you pay for.” Although he’s a good shooter and playmaker, he lacks the ability to dunk and a bunch of necessary defensive badges.

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  1. Totally agree with your choices. I hope this is updated all year round. Thank you!

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