How to Evolve Cards Quickly in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Evolution cards are making somewhat of a comeback in NBA 2K23, and sometimes they can be a bit tough to complete. Here are the best tips we’ve found to evo your cards quickly and efficiently:

Play Rookie Domination: Rookie Dom lowers the difficulty so shooting, defense, and other evo requirements are easier to complete. Teams like the Rockets and Pistons are perfect opponents to evo cards.

For Dunks: Play Rookie Dom, set the 21 Delay Freelance, and run a Pick and Roll with the Evo card as either the ballhandler or roller. Either way it should be easy to get dunks in a rather efficient way.

For 3-Pointers: Rookie Dom and focus on corner 3s if the player’s rating is low. Otherwise, focus on chucking up threes, as the low difficulty will help a lot of bad shots go in. Either way, you’re going to be chucking a lot.

For Rebounds: For non-centers it is tough, but focus on using that player on defense and focusing on grabbing rebounds. Also another method is calling a Give and Go on TT Offline and chucking up bad shots so your player can get the board.

For Layups: 21 Delay Freelance and have the evo player as the ball handler. Call for a screen and go for the layup, ensuring you are not holding turbo when you press square.

For Steals: The toughest stat to evo, steals can be done in Rookie Dom by charging the ball handler, letting off turbo, and pressing the square button. A tougher method is through TT Offline, but we don’t recommend it.

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