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One of the toughest things to do in NBA 2K is to find the best jumpshot. You can spend hours looking for the best one and still come up empty, or find one you like and it simply fails to perform.

In this post we break down the best jumpshots we’ve found from many hours of gameplay, broken down into the best jumpshots for guards, swings, and big men:

Jumpshot Ratings

For the first time, each individual jumpshot release and base has their own set of ratings to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They are the following:

  • Shot Speed – How quick the shot is.
  • Release Height – How high the arc of the shot is released.
  • Defensive Immunity – How effective the shot is against defensive contests 
  • Timing Impact – Adjusts shot windows.

Of course, you want a higher letter grade on each. But lower-rated shooters will only get shots with lower Timing Impacts, which is fine considering you only get a small boost from a higher Timing Impact rating.

Best Jumpshots for Guards

Guards under 6’5″ are spoiled when it comes to jumpshots this year, as they have the quickest and smoothest available to them. Here are the best jumpshot bases we’ve found that maximize the four shooting categories:

Guards with a High 3pt Rating (89+)

  • Base: Seth Curry
  • Upper Releases: Oscar Robertson (80%), Trae Young 20%
  • Note: An insane release for any guards with a higher rating, as it has killer ratings across the board. If you have a super high rating, Steph Curry’s base is going to be even better.
Best Jumpshots for Guards NBA 2K23

Guards with an Average 3pt Rating (81+)

  • Base: Markelle Fultz
  • Upper Releases: Oscar Robertson (80%), Trae Young (20%)
  • Note: This jumpshot is insane for such a low required rating, with its only downfall being a low timing impact rating. You won’t get anything better at this level, though.
Best Jumpshots for Guards NBA 2K23

Guards with a Low 3pt Rating (76+)

  • Base: Saben Lee
  • Upper Releases: Oscar Robertson (80%), Trae Young (20%)
  • Note: You’re really pushing it with this rating, but this jumpshot is extremely good. A-or-greater rating on everything but Timing Impact, and it’s smooth, too.
Best Jumpshots for Guards NBA 2K23

Best Jumpshots for Swing Players

Swing players in NBA 2K23 are defined as any player 6’5″-6’9″, and have their own set of jumpshots to equip. Here are the best we’ve found so far that maximize speed and effectiveness:

For Swings with a High 3pt Rating (90+)

  • Base: Kevin Durant
  • Upper Releases: Klay Thompson (52%), Oscar Robertson (48%)
  • Note: A super smooth, elite jumpshot with great stats across the board. Only shooters with top ratings will be able to get it, but this jumpshot is so deadly that this is a good thing.

For Swings with a Mid 3pt Rating (81+)

  • Base: Caris Levert
  • Upper Releases: Klay Thompson (52%), Oscar Robertson (48%)
  • Note: Shooters with mid ratings don’t have a lot of great choices, but something that is A+ across the board besides Timing Impact is insanely good.
Best Jumpshots for Swings NBA 2K23

Swings with a Low 3pt Rating (72+)

  • Base: Devontae Cacok
  • Upper Releases: Klay Thompson (52%), Oscar Robertson (48%)
  • Note: At this point you’re probably grinding or have a defensive-focused player, so you don’t have a ton of great choices. But this is the best at this spot, and it’s pretty darn good.
Best Jumpshots for Swings NBA 2K23

Best Jumpshots for Big Men

Big Men have a tough time picking good jumpers this year, as there are only a bunch of wacky ones with a few good ones mixed in. Here are the best jumpshots we’ve found for big men in NBA 2K23:

For players with a high 3-ball (86+):

  • Base: Chris Bosh
  • Upper Releases: Tim Duncan (87%),Dirk Nowitzki (13%)
  • Note: Just an amazing jumpshot for big men. Smooth, quick, great release height and timing impact.
Best Jumpshots for Centers NBA 2K23

For players with an average 3-Ball (78+)

  • Base: Oshae Brissett
  • Upper Releases: Tim Duncan (87%),Dirk Nowitzki (13%)
  • Note: Timing Impact kind of stinks, but at this 3pt rating, you can’t get much better while still having a quick release speed.
Best Jumpshots for Centers NBA 2K23

For Big Men with a Low 3-Ball (<75)

  • Base: Montrezl Harrell
  • Upper Releases: Tim Duncan (87%),Dirk Nowitzki (13%)
  • Note: Timing Impact is pitiful, but beggars can’t be choosers. A really good jumpshot regardless of rating.
Best Jumpshots for Centers NBA 2K23

Best Jumpshot Settings

There are several new settings that affect your jumpshot in NBA 2K23, most of which are focused on giving you a personalized shooting experience. Here are our best recommendations for these settings:

  • Shot Meter: Off. We haven’t used the shot meter in years, and you shouldn’t either. Online, it’s delayed, and you only need a few hundred shots in the Practice Facility to learn no-meter shooting.
  • Shot Timing: Shots and layups. If you play online, you’ll at least have to put on shot timing. We like layup timing because it’s actually pretty easy, and you get crazy boosts with it, too.
  • Shot Timing Release Time: Late. This is personal, but guard would probably do better on early or very early, whereas big men would probably benefit from late. Either way, none actually result in a faster jumpshot, just the amount of time you have to time the shot.
  • Free Throw Timing: User Timing. Free Throws are pretty easy to shoot this year (given you have a 70+ rating), so learning to time them is easy.


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  1. is there a best jumpshot for shooting with the stick

  2. What’s the difference between 98 and Dwyane Wade? I’ve seen some youtubers recommend one or the other.

  3. Is there going to be an update for this for next-gen?

  4. Are y’all gonna put 38 on here and 98 is really working out for me

  5. Is base 98 still the highest green window?

  6. How long should practice the jumpshot

  7. Doesnt seem like 98 is the best because im constantly getting whites barely any greens.i can barely make a mid nd my shooting is maxed. So whats the problem? What am i doing wrong?

  8. What release should I use for base 98

    • You should use Rudy gay for release he’s the best for quickstop and the other one is up to you, for example I use Larry bird as release 2 and I use 60/40 blending and 75% speed

  9. Have you guys tried mj’s jumper? I’ve been using it since 2k13 and it’s one of the better jumpers in my opinion.

  10. Best jumpshot for stretch 4 next gen?

  11. I was told that 98 was slightly patched on current gen pretty recently. I noticed a change in greens and a lot more whites. I switched to base set shot 25/Rudy Gay@60%/PG13@40%. This shot has been money!!! It’s extremely quick though, I have people in the rec comment on the speed all the time. It’s only on 3/4… same combo I used with 98 but try set shot 25 or d. Rose for your base if you want a quick and almost uncontestable shot. It does take some getting used to but overall quicker, smoother and in my experience a wider green window. Also allows you to hit quite a few whites slightly early and late… even in rec and park.

  12. How good is Trae Young’s base for current gen? Is it a good green window?

  13. Does anyone know what release 64 is now?

  14. If you have every jumpshot locked how are you are going to play ball?

  15. Best jumper for over 6’5” and 90 or above 3pt
    Base- Ray Allen –
    Release 1 Oscar Robinson
    Release2 Klay Thompson
    Release speed only 2/3 (not full)
    This gives you all A+ except release speed
    Which is A even if you turn it all the way up still is A

  16. What’s the best jump shot for a beginner

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