How to Shoot Better (Get more Greens)

Shooting consistently in NBA 2K24 is no easy task, yet one of the most valuable skills to win a lot of games. Therefore, it’s important that you’re good at it, and we outline the ways in which you can shoot more greens in 2K.

Pick the Right Build: In 2K24, any build with a 70-plus 3-ball can shoot consistently. The higher the better, of course, but the floor is definitely a bit higher this year than in years prior. Badges are more important.

Pick the Right Badges: Here’s our list of Best Shooting Badges. Pick the best ones for your build and they’ll help you become a sharpshooter in no time.

Pick the Right Jumpshot: Here are the best jumpshots in 2K24. Regardless of build, you’ll find one on that list for your player. The most important part of this is that you pick a jumpshot and stick with it for a period of time.

Practice your Jumpshot: Practicing your jumpshot is one of the most important parts of shooting. You could have everything else perfect, but if you do not know your timing, you will miss a ton of shots.

How to practice: Go to the Practice Facility, choose the Corner 3’s Drill, and press Square to practice. This will allow you to get a ton of shots up.

Only Shoot Open Shots: Shooting Contested Shots will only lessen the chance you have of making a shot, so learning the contest system and shooting open shots will help you shoot better overall.

Buy Jumpshot Boosts: Boosts are an expensive addition, but are largely worth it for this year’s game. They give you a considerable boost to your shooting and are worth the VC.

Decrease Gameplay Lag: This relates to online play, as offline play is not affected by 2K’s poor servers. Ways to decrease lag are using a LAN cable or having top-notch WiFi (which can be expensive).


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  1. Marquese Grimes

    April 3, 2021 — 8:55 am

    What shooting badges should I equip I get 16 for a 2 way sharp (PG)85 three pointer

  2. Why online shooting different than my career.. Seems like that meter just keeps going up by itself after I release..

    • Might be lag on your end, I would check your internet connection and do whatever needs to be done to increase your speed. Also, if you have your timing down in MyCareer, I would recommend turning your meter off.

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