How to Become a Better Slasher in NBA 2K21

Becoming a top-tier slasher is a unique skill in NBA 2K21 when the majority of player simply run at the rim and hold the square button. In this article we will teach you to become a top-tier slasher who can finish almost everything at the rim.

  • Max out your slashing stats: Driving layup and driving dunk are a must, with close shot being up there as well. You don’t necessarily need to be a finishing build to be a good slasher, but it certainly helps beef up those stats to get contact dunks and the such.
  • Equip the right finishing badges: Here are the best finishing badges in NBA 2K21. Contact Finisher and Slithery Finisher are musts, and Giatn Slayer is a must have for smaller guards.
  • Use the Stick to Slash: By using aiming for finishing, you allow yourself to make some crazy layups. The Pro Touch badge is necessary for this, but using aiming provides almost limitless benefits over using timing.
  • Utilize Slithery Finisher: This necessary finishing badge can be activated on contested layups by simply aiming your stick diagonal-up towards the baseline and swinging it to the center area. This mechanism works 3/4 of the time and helps you get some crazy animations and finishes.
  • Be patient: Simple rim-running gets you contact dunks every once-in-a-while, but patient slashing is better. This method involves pump fakes, taking layups instead of forcing dunks, and passing when you don’t have a good shot.

If you follow these tips when playing any game mode, your percentage at the rim will greatly increase. I was able to use this tips to finish ridiculous layups and dunks at the hoop with only 1 finishing badge, so you can imagine how it will be when your player has many more.

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