Grinding badges can be one of the most tedious parts of NBA 2K22. But it doesn’t have to take forever. In this article we break down the quickest and most efficient ways to grind the badges on your player.


  • Take tons of shots on low difficulty: The easiest way to get shooting badges is to play on pro difficulty and throw up a ton of 3’s. The low difficulty will make it easier to shoot and thus get more badge points.
  • Pick the right badges to help grind: Once you get some initial badges, you need to get the right badges. Equipping Chef/Limitless Spot-Up and Hot Zone Hunter, even on low levels, will make grinding shooting badges easy.
  • Do the Corner 3’s Drill in the Practice Facility: An easy way to get 1500+ badge points while practicing your jumpshot timing. The easiest and most efficient practice method to get shooting badge points.


  • Abuse the Pick and Roll: The Pick and Roll is one of the only easy ways to score on Next-Gen, but will get you a ton of assists and badge points along the way. Get a good center with brick wall and abuse the Pick and Roll.
  • The Triangle and Cut Method: This method has you hold triangle to call for your teammates to cut to the basket. This should help your teammates get easy buckets and help you get badge points.
  • Prioritize throwing lobs: Lobs are the best way to get the max points per possession. However, they can sometimes be hard to successfully completed. Thus, if you see a teammate wide open for a lob, throw it.
  • Pick the right badges to help grind: Quick First Step is a must-have badge for any other badge types, but Dimer and Lob City Passer are the best badges to help you get more playmaking badge points.
  • Do the Outlet Pass drill in the practice facility: The Outlet Pass drill is an easy 650 points almost every attempt. While the Lob drill is also quick and efficient, bad teammates can affect the success of this drill.


  • Utilize fast breaks: Cherry picking is an easy way to get easy dunks and layups, which get you more finishing badge points. Use any fast breaks to get easy buckets instead of pulling up for three.
  • Pick the right badges to help grind: Quick First Step is a must for getting to the basket, and Contact Finisher/Fearless Finisher are musts for grinding slashing, and other badges like Slithery Finisher can also help.
  • Do the Lob Finishes drill in the practice facility: This drill has you catch lobs. While it may depend on your teammate, you get 700 points for completing the drill. It helps if you have Lob City Finisher on, as well.


  • Bump Steals: Bump steals are a great way to rack up easy defensive badge points. The only problem is they can be a bit tough at times. But timing and positioning correctly can be an easily repeatable way to get defensive badges.
  • Rebounds: Big men get a ton of defensive badge points for rebounds. You will need the Rebound Chaser badge as high as you can put it, but it is the easiest way for big men to get easy defensive badge points.
  • Pick the right badges to help grind: We already mentioned Rebound Chaser, but other badges like Rim Protector and Intimidator are musts for grinding any player.
  • Do the Charge drill in the practice facility: This drill is easy and gets you 700 points. If it’s not your cup of tea, the Blocking drill is great for big men to get easy points on the defensive end.