AnchorImproves your player's ability to block and contest shots in the paint
Brick WallStrengthens screens and allows players to hold their ground.
ChallengerStrengthens perimeter shot contests
ClampsBoosts the ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter
Rebound ChaserImproves a player's ability to chase down rebounds
GloveAllows you to strip opponents as they gather for shots and poke the ball free from ball handlers.
Pogo StickAllows you to jump repetitively in the paint to get more blocks and rebounds.
InterceptorIncreases the chances at getting steals in the passing lanes.
Ankle BracesReduces the chances of getting crossed over.
MenaceSignificantly drops the offensive ratings of opponents while you smother them.
Pick DodgerHelps players get around screens.
Work HorseBoosts your ability to get 50/50 balls and play intense defense without getting tired.
Boxout BeastImproves a player's ability to box out opponents.
Chase Down ArtistHelps you get more chase down blocks.
Off-Ball PestImproves a player's ability to to bump and harass a player off-ball.
Post LockdownImproves a defender's ability to defend post moves and backdowns