Best Center Builds in NBA 2K23

Creating Centers in NBA 2K23 is tougher due to the new build system that completely changed how attributes affect badges. Nonetheless, we have created a few builds that will help you maximize your contributions out of the 5 spot.

The All-Around Center

Here is a short, no-nonsense video on the best all-around center build in NBA 2K23:

This build is perfect for almost any game mode. It’s defense is much improved compared to our first iteration of the best center build, it actually will have some pass accuracy, and the shooting and finishing remain excellent as well.


Coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

The Best Practice Drills to get your Badges Quickly in NBA 2K23

Playing MyCareer games is still the best way to get your badges quickly, but there’s an easy way to supplement this progress: practice drills in between games.

There are a ton of drills to choose from in NBA 2K23, and we’ve tried all of them. The following are the easiest and most effective to help you grind badges quickly, broken down into their respective categories:

Finishing: Fatigued Finishing

The Finishing drills are pretty bad, but Fatigued Finishing is a Hard-level drill that is fairly easy to complete. The biggest key here is to start your layup or dunk early, and to not waste stamina running back to the balls on the perimeter.

Shooting: Rip to Flare Shooting

This drill requires you to shoot catch-and-shoot midrange and three point shots, and it’s easy if you have decent shooting ratings. It’s a hard-level drill as well, so you’ll get a ton of points for a relatively simple drill.

Playmaking: Dribble Speed Run

A playmaking drill that is relatively easy for guards with good speed with ball and ball handle. Although big men and some swing builds may struggle with it, it still is effective with the group that mainly needs to grind a ton of playmaking badges.

Defense: Charge

This medium-level drill has your player take a charge in the paint, netting you 1000 defensive points if you get three stars. All you need to do is move one step, hold O/X, and take the charge. Easy and super quick.

Should you do Coaches’ Drills?

It depends. The Coaches’ Drills are terrible this year, ranging from a Partner’s 3pt drill that is easy but too short, to constant 4-on-3 fastbreak drills that are just terrible. Don’t go out of your way to do them, but you might as well do them if you are in the Practice Gym already.

Best Dribble Moves

Getting open off the dribble is one of the most valuable skills in NBA 2K23. And while stick skills are still super important to master dribbling, having the right animations is the first thing you need to master.

In this post we break down the best dribble moves in NBA 2K23, with a main focus on primary ball handlers and a slight focus on players with lower ball handling:

Note: Different Dribble Moves are locked behind certain ball handle or speed with ball ratings in 2K23. We will list the required ratings for each dribble move we recommend.

  • Dribble Style: Michael Jordan (75+ Speed with Ball). The best dribble style that creates great animations.
  • Signature Size-Up: DeAaron Fox (80+ Ball Handle). A quick move that is a great way to start your dribble chain from a standstill.
  • Size-Up Escape: Kevin Durant (75+ Ball Handle). Gives you great space on either side when you use it
  • Moving Crossover: James Harden (80+ Ball Handle). A quick move that can help create some space when you’re moving towards the basket.
  • Moving Behind the Back: Zach Lavine (75+ Ball Handle). A quick move that can get you some lateral space when moving downhill.
  • Moving Spin: Basic. The best for many years at this point, although many people do not use this move often.
  • Moving Hesitation: Normal. Another move infrequently used.
  • Moving Stepback: Luka Doncic (80+ Ball Handle). The double step to the side animations is a killer move in isolation that can get you space and help you get past defenders with ease.
  • Triple Threat Style: Normal. There’s no need to fuss about this too much, as the Triple Threat still isn’t a great move to use to get open.
  • Passing Style: Lebron James (75+ Pass Accuracy). The perfect balance between flash and effectiveness.

How to Make VC Quickly in NBA 2K24

Virtual Currency is the supreme currency in NBA 2K24 that allows you to upgrade your player, buy gear, or open packs in the MyTeam mode. As usual, it’s as valuable as gold if you plan on playing a lot of NBA 2K24.

However, it can sometimes seem impossible to make, but, in this post we point out the best ways to make a ton of VC quickly.

Free Daily VC: The Daily Spin/Prize, Daily Bonus, and daily tasks can net you a decent amount of VC just from doing easy and quick tasks. It’s not a lot, but can add up over time.

Offline Grinding: MyCareer may be boring, but you earn a good deal of VC for each game (from 1K+ in some cases). This can also be done in about 15 minutes per game by subbing out at halftime if you’re up 25 points. Also, the higher the difficulty, the more VC (and badge points) you earn.

Quests: Quests can be quite tiresome and stupid at times, but most of them provides a few thousand VC for completing tasks the game already forces you to do. Plus, you get nice bonuses over time through the bigger quests.

MyCareer Endorsements: If you’re already grinding in MyCareer, eventually you’ll unlock some endoresements. Some of them will actually give you stuff like shoes or other gear, but all of them provide you with a few thousand VC. Again, not a ton, but can help you stack some coin.

Limit Spending: It’s easy to drain your VC wallet on clothes, shoes, and other stuff, but saving it for whatever you really want (a new player, for example), is always the smarter move.

Play Ante-Up: The Stage is home to the sweatiest of 2K players, but provides the most VC for winning games. We only recommend this method if you are very good at 2K.

Play 3v3 ProAm: 3v3 ProAm is a bit less competitive than Stage, but gives a decent amount of VC per game. You can earn up to 800+ VC per game that takes the same amount of time as a typical Park game.

Buy VC: We absolutely do not recommend this method, but if you are impatient and have the money, there is no doubt that buying VC is the easiest way to pad your VC wallet.

How to Reach Level 40 in NBA 2K23 Quickly

Hitting Level 40 in NBA 2K23 is both a grind and a super rewarding experience. You get some cool prizes along the way, but you also have to play the game a ton.

However, if you want to save some time in your grind to the top, we have compiled several tips that will allow you to save time while grinding for Level 50 in NBA 2K23:

  • Play the Right Modes: Events, Park, and Rec provide the most Rep, while the Theater and Pro-Am sadly give comparatively less. Focus on the modes that give more rep and you’ll save a lot of time.
  • Use your 2XP Coins: You get a few 30 minute, Hour, and 2 Hour coins along the way. They are your best friend while grinding, but make sure you time them well so you get the full benefit from them.
  • Play 2X events: There are typically weekend events that give you 2X rep. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not, but they give you an easy opportunity to get bonus rep for playing certain modes.
  • Lobs: Throwing and/or catching lobs still provide the most XP out of any other action in-game, so if you can make them a focal point of the offense, you can get some serious XP.
  • Winning Games: Easier said than done, but the bonuses you get from winning individual games makes it so much easier to reach Level 40 quickly and efficiently.
  • Play a lot: If all else fails, at the end of the day, if you play a lot, you’ll reach Level 40. It takes time, but it’s not supposed to necessarily be easy to reach Level 40.

How to Quick Stop in NBA 2K22

The quick stop is one of the best ways for ball handlers to get open shots in NBA 2K22, as it allows a ball handler to stop on a dime without a bad load-up animation.

What you’ll need: In NBA 2K22, the quick stop requires either the Quick or Shifty dribble style. Other dribble styles make it extremely difficult to do the move effectively.

How to do it: To quick stop, you will need to flick your stick directly to the left or right at a 90 degree angle, depending on the direction you’re going. If you are off, you will get a weird animation.

You’ll need to practice this move to perfect it, as getting the perfect angle is tough at first. But with the necessary practice in the MyCourt or Gatorade gym, you will be shooting greens off the quick stop in no time.

How to maximize the Quick Stop: Equipping Blinders will stop defenders from contesting you from the side coming off the screen. Deadeye can also help when help defenders jump at you.

In addition, a quick jumpshot (like 98 on current gen, or Jumpshot 3/Ray Allen on next-gen) is necessary to avoid contests from the defense. You’ll need to practice this jumpshot off the quick stop, as the timing is a bit different.

Best Defensive Badges for Every Position

“Defense wins Championships” rings true in NBA 2K23. If your player clamps up your opponent, chances are you’re going to win most games in NBA 2K23.

And to play your best defense in the newest game, you’re going to need the help of the Best Defensive Badges for Guards in the game this year. We broke them into positions and tiers to best fit your player(s):

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Guards are typically focused on perimeter defense, and these badge selections reflect this focus:

Tier 3

  1. Clamps: Guarding opposing guards is tougher with overpowered blowbys off stepbacks, but Clamps is going to be your best bet to stop opposing scorers.
  2. Challenger: Chances are, you’ll be guarding a lot of 3-point shots. Challenger is going to help amplify your contests and slow down opposing shooters.
  3. Glove: Some really like this badge, but on-ball steals are still pretty inconsistent in 2K23. If you have extra badge points, this may be worth throwing a few on.

Tier 2

  1. Pick Dodger: Screens are still extremely effective, and Pick Dodger is still underpowered. Nonetheless, you’re going to need this badge if you want to have any hope of getting around picks.
  2. Menace: This badge has not been great these past few years, but there aren’t too many great options in this tier.

Tier 1

  1. Chasedown Artist: This badge is far underpowered compared to last year, but with the dominant playstyle being rim-running, this badge will at least give you some hope.
  2. Anchor: This, again, is a counter to rim-running. You’re a small player, so don’t expect great results contesting in the paint, but this badge will give you a fighting chance.


Swing players, defined as 6’6″ to 6’9″, have to focus on both a bit of perimeter defense and interior defense. Here are the best defensive badges in each Tier for swings:

Tier 3

  1. Clamps: Again, this badge is going to help you stop ball handlers. Swing players will probably be helping on ball handlers frequently, so this is still the best defensive badge.
  2. Challenger: Whether you’re guarding an on-ball or off-ball shooter, Challenger is going to help you contest their jumpshots and stop a barrage of threes.
  3. Interceptor: Playing passing lanes is perhaps a swing player’s biggest contribution on defense, so Interceptor is a natural fit. You can play without it, but it makes getting steals so much easier.

Tier 2

  1. Chasedown Artist: Whether you’re playing on-ball or off-ball, this badge is going to help you guard again rim-running. Again, this badge pales to last year’s version, but still helps.
  2. Anchor: You’re a bit bigger than guards, so this interior defense badge is going to help a bit more. Whether you are on a guard, swing, or big man, this badge will help you guard the paint.

Tier 1

  1. Rebound Chaser: You won’t be the primary rebounder (hopefully), but having this badge on a lower level is going to allow you to help clean up the boards on long rebounds.
  2. Pick Dodger: You won’t face a ton of screens as a swing, but this badge will help you in the chance that you do. It’s still underwhelming, but it’s one of few good badges in Tier 1.

Big Men

Big Men are entirely focused on paint defense and rebounding, and this list of badges is going to help you maximize both skills and help you lead your defense to wins:

Tier 3

  1. Anchor: Interior defense is a bit odd this year without this badge, so big men should have it on the highest level they can afford. It’s a mix of Rim Protector and Intimidator from last year, so you can see why it’s so important.
  2. Rebound Chaser: You can get rebounds without this badge, but you are going to be out-boarded, without fail, by centers with this badge.
  3. Brick Wall: Screens are still an important part of 2K23, and this badge is going to help you set both stronger and more effective screens. ?It’s not necessary, but helpful after you equip the above badges.

Tier 2

  1. Boxout Beast: Unless you want opposing big men worming around your boxouts, this badge is going to be necessary. It’s pretty cheap and effective, so it’s a definite must for all big men.
  2. Chasedown Artist: This badge makes another appearance, and it’s just another tool for big men to guard the paint.

Tier 1

  1. Challenger: Regardless of your defensive scheme, you are going to be switched onto shooters at some point. This cheap badge is going to help you defend against those shots.
  2. Interceptor: Again, you’ll be playing the passing lanes at some point. This badge is going to maximize your chances of getting a steal if they throw it your way.

Check out our other guides on the best badges in each category:

The Best Power Forwards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Power Forward is a stretch spot that needs to be able to shoot and defend both the perimeter and interior. The following five players are the best at doing these jobs right now in NBA 2K23 MyTeam:

  1. Galaxy Opal Dolph Schayes: Amazing badges a great jumpshot for the PF spot. His shooting will be lights out (HOF Limitless), and his defense and finishing are nothing to scoff at either.
  2. Galaxy Opal Bob Netolicky: This card comes with one of the best jumpshots in the game (Brissett) despite a lack of shooting badges. He’s a top defender at his position, though.
  3. Pink Diamond Giannis Antetokounmpo: Any Giannis card is going to be insane on defense and slashing, and this card is no different. Of course, his shooting is only passable, but the card is still very good.
  4. Pink Diamond Lamar Odom: A do-it-all card that excels at nothing, but is good at everything. Odom will be a great plug-and-play card that will improve almost any lineup.
  5. Galaxy Opal Zion Williamson: Zion will be one of the best slashers in the game. He’s a bit short for the PF spot and is not going to have any great shooting badges, but the Brissett base is perfect for spotting up.

The Best Centers in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Center is one of the most important positions in basketball, and the same is true in NBA 2K23. Besides the obvious paint protection, centers play an integral part in the offense both inside and outside the 3-Point line. Here are the best center cards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam right now:

  1. Pink Diamond David Robinson: One of the few true centers that can shoot at this point in the game. Robinson is also an elite defender, but you’ll pay a ton of MT for him.
  2. Dark Matter George Mikan: Another shooting big, although Mikan doesn’t have the same elite defense as Robinson. Despite this, spacing the floor is such a valuable skill.
  3. Dark Matter Yao Ming: Any 7’6″ center is going to succeed in MyTeam. Yao is, of course, going to be a great interior finisher and defender, but he’ll be able to hit from corners decently, as well.
  4. Dark Matter Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Kareem would be elite if post hooks were still dominant, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is one of the best defenders and interior finishers at his position.
  5. Pink Diamond Shaquille O’Neal: Another non-shooting big that will terrorize anyone who dares to enter the paint. On offense, he’ll dominate the pick-and-roll, but little else.

How to Win Every Triple Threat Online Game in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Triple Threat is an extremely competitive game mode with nice prizes, making it one of the best game modes to make MT, Tokens, or other things. Here’s my formula for winning most TTO games:

  • Run a lineup of players you’re good with. You also want one player you dominate with, either as a shooter or finisher. The other two players should be able to shoot in most cases.
  • Use your dominant player to try to score. Call a Quick Isolation from the menu, do your thing with your favorite player, and it that fails, you can kick it to a teammate for a 3 or easy drive.
  • Play both on-ball and off-ball defense. Sometimes on-ball is better, sometimes off-ball is. Figure out the perfect mix and shut down the other team.

These may seem like easy tips, but this year there is no foolproof way to win. This formula provides the method I used to win 80% of my TTO games without using any exploits or “tryhard” methods.